Friday, 7 August 2009

Ye Olde Coffin House

Located in the small fishing town of Brixham in Devon, England, this house holds the distinction of being "the only coffin shaped house in the world".

This fascinating building dates back to 1640 and it's story is just as interesting: there was a dispute between a father and his daughter's sweetheart. The Father proclaimed that he would rather see his daughter in a coffin than allow them to wed. Well the sweetheart took this to heart, and constructed a house in the shape of a coffin. The father was so impressed with this that he finally allowed his daughter to wed the man and that they lived happily ever after, or so the story goes.

Also, as I was looking up The Coffin House I came across something called 'a coffin corner', which was prevalent in Victorian homes.
This is an architectural myth which states that back in the 19th century when most people died in their homes, which is the same location the wake would have been, getting a coffin down the narrow stair case became an issue. The solution to this problem was to create a niche in the wall where the coffin could be turned.


  1. Really!?! That is facinating!!! I had no idea.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Our house has a coffin corner. I'm bummed to hear it's an urban myth. Sigh.

  3. Yeah I know. I like to think maybe it's not a myth and people are just uncomfortable with the idea of it. You never know.