Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Theodore Roosevelt.

Theodore Roosevelt is my personal hero. I think he is one of the greatest Americans for all time. A lot of times when I'm in certain situations I like to think "What would T.R. do?" I would like to share some interesting facts about President Tiddy (he disliked being called "Teddy").

- He was shot in the chest during an assassination attempt in Milwaukee, WI. The bullet became lodged in his chest wall. He continued to go ahead and give his speech, while blood poured out of his chest.
- He was the first American as well as President to win the Nobel Peace Prize.
- He coined the Maxwell House slogan "Good to the last drop" when he sampled their coffee in Nashville, Tennessee.
- His favorite breakfast was hard boiled eggs with waffles.
- On his presidential inauguration in 1905 he wore a gold mourning ring with a lock of Abraham Lincoln's hair that John Hay had given him.
- He was the first president to ride in an airplane, own a car and have a telephone.
- He was the first to officially call the Presidential residence 'The White House' before T.R. it was known as 'The Executive Mansion'.
- He is the youngest President of the United States, he took the oath at 42.
- He had a tattoo of his family crest.
- And of course, the "Teddy Bear" was named after him.

He was larger than life and a truly inspirational figure. When he died the Vice President to Woodrow Wilson, Thomas R. Marshall, said- "Death had to take Roosevelt sleeping, for if he had been awake, there would have been a fight".

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  1. Edmund Morris' biography of TR was great. Another interesting TR fact: He became a father, a widower, and an orphan on the same day when his wife died while giving birth to his daughter within hours of his mother passing away.